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Recommended Sources for the US-NATO War on Yugoslavia


1. Clark, Ramsay et al, NATO in the Balkans, New York: International Action Center, 1998.

2. Udovicki, Jasminka and James Ridgeway, eds., Yugoslavia's Ethnic Nightmare: The Inside Story of Europe's Unfolding Ordeal, New York: Lawrence Hill Books, 1995.

3. Udovicki, Jasminka and James Ridgeway, eds., Burn This House: The Making and Unmaking of Yugoslavia, Durham: Duke University Press, 1997.

4. Samary, Catherine, Yugoslavia Dismembered, New York: Monthly Review Press, 1995.

5. Woodward, Susan L., Balkan Tragedy: Chaos and Dissolution after the Cold War, Washington: The Brookings Institution, 1995.


1. North, David, "Behind the War in the Balkans: A Reply to a Supporter of US-NATO Bombing of Serbia" (

2. Johnstone, Diana, "The 'Racak Massacre' Questioned by French Media"

3. Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times was the only American journalist who hung on in Kosovo during the NATO bombing. His excellent dispatches are still archived, and the summaries are free. See: Search for "Paul Watson" and "Kosovo."

4. Hedges, Chris, "Kosovo's Next Masters: Inside the Kosovo Liberation Army," Foreign Affairs, May/June 1999

5. The wartime diary of Alex, a Belgrade physicist trained in the US:

6. Pilger, John, "Acts of Murder"

7. Judgment: A film that exposes the falsity of the ITN "Picture that Fooled the World" about a supposed concentration camp in Bosnia, 1992

On the End-Game:

1. That June 7 breakdown in military talks was NOT Serb "balking", but NATO's sneaky gambit aimed at removing the United Nations from the accord:

2. Human Rights Watch, 25 June 1999: Violent Abuses by KLA Members--- Beatings, Killings and Rape Taking Place in Kosovo:

History of Kosovo:

1. Dorich, William, Kosovo, 1992. Currently out-of-print, but available free on line at

Best Archives: (Note from 2001: Sad to say, many great sources are no longer active.)

1. Committee against U.S. Intervention

2. Z Magazine

3. Mother Jones Magazine

4. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (See "Yugoslavia" in Archives.)

5. The Emperor's Clothes (It's awkward, but check out Michel Chossudovsky under "Articles by Author" and, in "Articles by Title", scan the entries beginning with "K" and "Y.")

6. Web site of Gunder Frank (Montreal):


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