Impeach Him! Impeach Him!
The Lying Interloper!

(To the tune of “A-tisket, A-Tasket”)
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

Impeach him!
Impeach him!
The lying interloper!
He told the lies about Saddam and weapons of destruction.
He told them! He told them!
He lied about invasion.
There was no candy and no flowers, only bullets flying.

Was he right? Oh no, no, no-o!
But sincere? No, no, no, no-o.
He’s a lying interloper.

Impeach him!
Impeach him!
The Constitution-basher!
He thinks he is above the law, can spy on whom he chooses!
Impeach him! Impeach him!
He authorizes torture!
That war he made is the excuse he uses.

Is it time? Yes, yes. Yes, yes!
Will it work? Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Impeach the Constitution-basher!

Impeach him!
Impeach him!
The lying interloper!
He told the world he didn’t know who outed Mrs. Wilson.
He told them! He told them!
He’d fire who ever did it.
So fire Karl Rove and take Dick Cheney with him.

Impeach them!
Impeach them!
The lying interlopers!
They made the war that killed two thousand GIs.
Impeach them! Impeach them!
Let’s have a land where peace endures and honesty’s rewarded.

Can it be? Yes, yes, yes, yes!
In our time? Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Impeach the lying interlopers!

    War-Monger Georgie
    (to the tune of "Roll Out the Barrel")
    Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

    War-monger Georgie
    Was having a barrel of fun.
    He scammed the public
    Iraq has W M D.

    Condi a-gre-ed,
    “Watch out for that mushroom cloud!”
    And so we sent the troops in
    But nothing so lethal was found.

    Mission Accomplished:
    That's what the banner did read
    Georgie was pilot, played dress-up
    And had a barrel of fun.

    Two thousand GIs
    Have died and thousands are maimed.
    Arms, Legs and Spirit
    They'll never be the same.

    Then came the scandal.
    Who outed Valerie Plame?
    Karl Rove, Bush and Libby
    Could they possibly be to blame?

    Then came the cover-up.
    Reminds us of Tricky Dick's time.
    We’re hearing the I-word more often
    And Georgie's not having much fun!      (Repeat last line)


Down on a Ranch in Crawford, Texas
(to the tune of "I've Been Workin on the Railroad")
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

Down on a ranch in Crawford Tex-as   (drawled)
A man was hiding out.
Afraid to meet a woman
Who was sending this loud shout:

"Why did my son Casey
Have to die?"
Georgie's running out of reasons
And he's inclined to lie.

There were no mass destruction weapons,
No link to Al Qaeda.
Getting rid of foreign tyrants
Doesn't qualify.

Georgie's latest reason:
To bring democracy.
With the chaos we've created
Iraq . . Twill be . . Theocracy.


Katrina was an Act of God
(to the tune of "Goodbye, My lover, Goodbye")
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

Katrina was an act of God
A Category Four
But when the levees broke apart
That one's at Bush's door.

He took the money for Iraq
'Twas meant for levee repair.
"I never dreamed the levees would break!"
It's clear he never did care.

Bush had his plane fly low so he
could take a peek below.
He would not land to really see,
Preferring golf to woe.

First Chorus: Now it's a bad time, they're dying.
                       Thirsty, no water to drink.
                       And the waters keep rising,
                       Goodbye, New Orleans, goodbye.

While Condi shopped for clothes and shoes,
The poor folks climbed on rooves.
They waved their flags and said their prayers:
Great shots for TV News!

They herded people into the Dome,
The ones who had no cars.
They didn't stock the place with food
Or water or soap bars.

Too many people in one place
No air conditioning.
You needn't ask what it was like:
One of Dante's rings.         [First Chorus]

Lou Dobbs is saying it's their own fault;
They did not choose to leave.
They'd rather stay so they could loot.
(The poor are his pet peeve.)

The ones we saw on CNN
were taking water and bread.
Now that's a crime, according to Bush.
"Tolerance is zero," he said.

[Second Chorus] If they're black folks, they're looting,
                              White folks, just lookin' for food.
                              And now there is shooting,
                              Goodbye, New Orleans, goodbye.

They're locked and loaded, ready to fire
On any looter espied.
Just like in Baghdad, it's martial law
And also . . . genocide.

Cuba had a bigger storm,
Ivan was a Five.
Yet when the storm had swept the isle,
All . . . were left alive.

We can't begin to count the dead
left in Katrina's wake.
Yet Cuba spent much less before.
Is there a lesson here to take?

Some folks are saying it's just the start
of total army control.
Our First Amendment has hit the dust.
Has our country lost its soul?

[Third Chorus]   Is it fascism that's coming?
                           Are they trying to "thin the herd"?
                           If we can not stop them,
                           Goodbye, our republic, goodbye.

Since these words were written down
several weeks ago,
The numbers on George Bush’s poll
have hit an all-time low.

Karl Rove had hopes that photo-ops
would halt the steady slide.
With sleeves rolled up, Bush hugged black kids,
recalled drinks there with pride.

His Mom was asked to do PR
in Houston's Astrodome.
It's scary, so said Barbara,
They don't want to go home!

[Fourth Chorus] They are all under- privileged.
                            Never had it so good.
                            It's bye-bye, our Houston,
                            If they are not . . . back to the 'hood.

The Congress has voted mega-dough
to salvage the whole Gulf Coast.
Halliburton got there first,
Other bidders are toast!

The poor Ninth Ward was flooded twice
(a second hurricane.)
This gave the rich a great idea:
Em-i-nent Domain!

[Fifth Chorus]   Those shacks are infected
                           Let's raze them and . . . bring in some sand.
                           With a new demographic
                           Our city could . . . vote Republican.

There's never a storm that doesn't have
a silver lining, they say.
Katrina and Rita,
You've changed our complexion
Let's see that it stays that way!

[Sixth Chorus]   Urban Renewal,
                           Your time has come again!
                           New Orleans can now be
                           A theme park of history.


My country,' tis of thee, So sing the I-ra-qi
(to the tune of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

My country, 'tis of thee
So sing the I-ra-qi
We love our land.
When will the U S leave?
When will the Brits go home?
We want our families left alone!
Let freedom ring!

My country, 'tis of thee
So sing the Iraqi.
We've lots of oil !
             It's wanted by the West, George Bush is on a quest
To wrest our country's oil from us.
Let freedom ring!

My country 'tis of thee
So sing the Iraqi:
We mourn our dead.
So many thousands killed,
So many homes destroyed,
What kind of future lies ahead?
Let freedom ring!

George Bush wants us to be
a Muslim democracy.
Let freedom ring!
Yet in the U S A
They're making laws today
That ta-ke all their rights away.     (Ironic pause)
Let freedom ring!


          Nobody Knows How Many We've Killed
           (to the tune of "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen")
                     Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

          Nobody knows how many we've killed.
          Nobody knows the number.
          Rumsfeld's not counting
          He doesn't give a damn.
          They’re just Iraqi Muslims.

          Nobody cares in Washington
          What harm we've done to that country.
          They're busy planning
          where next to invade.
          Glory, Hallelujah!

          Nobody knows the troubles they've seen.
          Nobody knows their sorrows.                                                                                                                                          Nobody knows the troubles they've seen.                                                                                                                          Glory, Hallelujah!


The Pentagon's Plotting New War Sites
(to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean")
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

The Pentagon's plotting new war sites.
Iran, Korea today.
That's not where we want our kids going
And so-o we're here to say:

College, not War,
That's where our children should go, should go.
College, not War,
That's where our children should go.

We've draft-dodgers running the country,
The media’s shouting "Hooray!"
They’re trying to build an empire
That’s why we're here to say:

If we want our country to be strong
Our youth should continue in school
Rather than having them slaughtered
College, not War, is the tool.


Take him out!
(to the tune of "Over There")
Words by Janette Rainwater, 2005

Take him out!
Take him out!
So says Pat
We know that Pat does talk with God a lot
Could God have cancelled out his Sixth for Pat?

Thou shalt not kill!
Shalt not kill!
That's what God
Said to Mose
On the hill.
His commandment doesn't mean a lot
If abrogated just like that.         (fingers snapping)

Can it be?
Tell me NO!
Surely God
Won't condone
assassination of Hugo Chavez
whose people want him president.
But they've got oil.
Quite a lot.
They'll keep selling it to us, says Pat, even if
we take him out.

Rumsfeld said,
when asked for quote,
"Robertson is private citizen and free
speech does apply."
So it seems
the Bushies find
the First Amendment has some uses left
despite the knife of Patriot Act.

Take him out!
Take him out!
Who said that For J F K?      (slowly and sorrowfully)


"Official A"
to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb"

Who could be Official A?
                         Official A?
                         Official A?
Who could be Official A?
He talked to Scooter Libby.

Grand Jury said Official A
                            Official A
                            Official A
Grand Jury said Official A
spoke with Robert Novak.

Indictment says Official A
                      and Scooter Lib
                      (the two of them)
Indictment says they talked about
Valerie Plame Wilson.

Official A told Scooter Lib
                        Scooter Lib
                        Scooter Lib
Official A told Scooter Lib:                                                                                                                                       "Novak will write the story."

Now who could be Official A?
                                Official A?
                                Official A?
Who could be Official A?
They're saying it's Karl Rove.

But . . . . Who's behind Official A?
                             Official A?
                             Official A?
Who's behind Official A?
Five bucks, it's Richard Cheney!

We Know What We're Doin'
(to the tune of I Know Where I'm Goin')

We know what we're doin'
We're here to make a statement:
"War is not the answer,
Bring our soldiers home."

We're the Raging Grannies
Of Southern California
Peace is Patriotic,
Bring our soldiers home.