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"2060 joins the post-apocalyptic genre of Doris Lessing and Ursula LeGuin. Janette Rainwater shows us the reiliency of human nature and the power of free thought and caring communities to sustain our species."
— Sharon Melnick Chinook, M.D.

"Janette Rainwater's got it all— up-to-the-minute political savvy and the human insight of a career psychologist, plus panache, wit, and charm."
— Alicia Bay Laurel, author and illustrator of Living on the Earth

"A delightful read; I loved the Angela-Teddy romance and its evolution to a sexual union in a previously one-gender world. Katie's empowering 'Biology House' made me yearn for a similar group living experience today."
— Cyndy Sheldon, Gestalt psychotherapist

From customer reviews:

"I Loved It!: I have been reading Janette Rainwater's exquisite writing for decades. It is always enlightening, opinionated, and, of course, extremely well researched. She is a national treasure. What is especially fun for those who have met this wonderful woman is that some bits and pieces of the rich tapestry of her own life are sprinkled through this fine work, in which she has created a captivating fictional world, based on events both imaginary and historical. What a wonderful read!

I couldn't put it down; then couldn't stop thinking about it. In a world that so needs hope, hope is here in ways we never would have imagined without her.
— K. Andrews "Katie", Central California

" An Excellent Thought Provoking Book: I just finished reading 2060 . . . . WOW!! I couldn't put it down and finished it in one sitting. Dr. Rainwater has tackled very complex and timely issues in a clear human drama that touches at the heart of societal existence, as well as, the soul of human existence. 2060 offers hope in a time where creative & critical thinking, interdependence and compassion are threatened by dictatorial greed and abuse. Janette Rainwater has re-introduced humanity into the survival equation. Everyone on my Xmas list will get a copy this year."
— Dr. C. Eskenazi, Encino, CA

"Touching and Enlightening: This is one of those rare finds that keeps your attention from beginning to end. It is a very entertaining book yet encourages one to think at a deeper level about the world we all live in and are co-creating. I highly recommend this book to men and women alike and people of all ages."
— Robin L. Courtney, San Francisco, CA

"A Quick Read: This is a quick read -- that I have been thinking about for the past week. Would that we could have such a new society without killing off all the men-."
— S.Williams

"reverse echoes of atwood's handmaid's tale: i am only halfway through the book, but i find it highly entertaining. the feel and texture of the book remind me of another future fiction novel, 'the handmaid's tale,' but the overwhelming optimism of the story is the exact opposite of margaret atwood's story.

as a man living near washington, d.c., of course, i would hope that many of the societal ills that rainwater seems to solve with a 'male specific plague' and a tragic tsunami which wipes out the east coast, could instead be addressed a bit less apocalyptically. nevertheless, it is a fun read, and the characters come alive in the imagination.

way to go janette!

— Peter J. Parsons, Cabin John, MD.

"An Upbeat and Uplifting Science Fiction Novel: This is a creative, intelligent and optimistic treatment of what happens after several apocalyptic events. The feminine principle of collaboration, cooperation, nurture and invention runs cleverly throughout, with heart-warming and admirable characters who become beacons to those around them. The author herself is such a beacon!"
— S. Licht,
San Pedro, CA

"Great till the very last page: 2060 is a must-read for all ages. Once I picked up the book, I couldn't put it down till I knew how the story ended. In 2060 everyone can find something relatable to their own experience. It's a book of hope for everyone in a time of confusion and sadness. Janette Rainwater's style of writing really holds your attention always wanting to know what will happen next.
I recommend 2060 to men and women of all ages. I even sent a copy to my family in Lithuania. —Simona Gayauskas, Chicago IL

"A Fantastic Read: I thoroughly enjoyed reading 2060 by Jan Rainwater. It is rich in fantasy and yet connects to every day concerns. I found myself caring about the characters, which, to me, is an essential quality of a good book. Besides being a wonderfully entertaining book, there are serious, important political messages.
I highly recommend 2060."
Violet Oaklander, Ph.D. - Santa Barbara

"Orwell vs. Rainwater: George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1949 and as a reslt of this 35-year projection into the future the word "Orwellian" entered our vocabularies. Janette Rainwater has jumped 53 years forward by writing 2060 this year, and I wonder if at some point we will be describing some things as "Rainwaterian".
The future depicted in 2060 is far more optimistic than the one of 1984, and, according to the author blurb at the back of the book, is written by a clinical psychologist with a great deal of experience teaching all over the world. I suppose something of her theoretical orientation is reflected in the title of a previous book she wrote in 1979, You're in Charge: A Guide to Becoming Your Own Therapist. Reading 2060 one gets the impression that Janette Rainwater is also pretty sophisticated about current global, and especially US, politics. The subtitle of this book, "a love story in a utopian future," might not sound sophisticated to those who would think it not very realistic to predict a utopian future given the current state of the world. I have to admit there were a few times while I was reading 2060 that I found myself skeptical about the upbeat picture being presented. This picture is offered in part as an answer to the question: "How would the world look if women were in charge for awhile?" The Rainwaterian answer to this question is plausible enough to be very intriguing, and the glimpse of hope is uplifting."
— John C. Rhead, Columbia, MD